History of the Hall


This fine building was constructed by the Hockley Loyal Orange Lodge in 1894 and continued in use until 1972. It replaced a log structure used as a lodge room located on the Pendelton farm. The hall was deeded to the Hockley Senior Citizens in 1976 and has continued to be used for special community functions.
As told by the late Jack Brooksbank, local Hockley historian

The Loyal Orange Lodge No. 465, (Hockley, Simcoe South, Mono) was incorporated in 1891. Archival records indicate that previous to this incorporation of the amalgamated areas, the original Hockley Lodge warrant was issued in 1853 to Roland Buchanan. It was situated on the Pendleton property and the meeting house was the old log stable.
Excerpt from the book “Adjala” by McDevitt & Munnoch published in 1993.

the artwork at left is the creation of Jack Brooksbank

above image from the book, "Adjala" by McDevitt and Munnoch